Fashion Sizzle held on  Sunday, July 9, 2017 the kick off  for  New York Fashion Week Men (NYMFW)   at the Holy Apostles Ballroom located  296 9th AVE (By 28th Street in Chelsea)  New York, NY 10001 . Fashion Sizzle provides a platform for emerging/ independent designers to showcase their collections  during NYFW. Participating brands include Par  Patreq,  Burning Guitars,  Foreign Labur,  ,Heritage Links ,   Jamrock ,  Mumin Mcbride, and Fashion Sizzle Boutique.


Inspired by the vibrant culture and lifestyle of Jamaica, Jamrock Clothing pays homage to its namesake, “Jamrock” – a term of endearment for the island. This connection serves as the cornerstone for crafting dynamic and lively attire that encapsulates the essence of Jamaica and the broader Caribbean region. Infused with the bold hues of red, yellow, and green, the designs echo the spirited Rastafari culture and the iconic colors of the Jamaican flag, symbolizing the country’s rich heritage and the infectious positivity of its people and surroundings.

With a diverse array of offerings including logo-emblazoned t-shirts, cozy knit dresses, artisanal crochet bags, and fashionable hats, Jamrock Clothing caters to individuals drawn to vibrant colors, intricate craftsmanship, and the kaleidoscope of Caribbean culture. Targeting consumers seeking distinctive, culturally immersive fashion pieces that seamlessly blend bold statements with practical elegance, Jamrock Clothing bridges the gap between avant-garde fashion and everyday sophistication.

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